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It is critical that the Nigerian people, the Nigerian leaders, and the global community at large intervene on behalf of freedom fighter Sunday Igboho. Because self-determination, or the right to choose your own destiny, cannot be criminalized.

We aim to support the men and women who are willing to stand alone, risk their lives, their livelihoods, and even the lives of those around them to speak against and change injustice and inequality.

Show your support by signing the petition to unconditionally release freedom fighter Sunday Igboho. We also encourage you to contact your lawmakers by clicking the yellow button at the bottom of this page. When you do, you will receive instructions on how you can get local and national lawmakers and government officials involved in the movement.

Why This Fight?

What happens when one man speaks out against injustice? When he publicly calls on leadership to prioritize people over corporate interests? When he demands that sitting leaders protect women and children from being kidnapped and raped? When he rallies his neighbors and communities to protect their farmland from foreigners stealing it?

That’s what Sunday Igboho is guilty of doing – standing up when those in leadership refused to do so.

And for that, he was hunted by the Nigerian government to the point that he had to flee his home in the night with his wife and young children. Before Chief Igboho could make it to Europe to the safety of his extended family, the Beninese government detained and incarcerated him under pressure from the Nigerian government. 

We need help bringing the plight of freedom fighter Sunday Igboho to the attention of the global media. And that’s where you come in.

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We need your voice

There are more than a half-dozen petitions on started by people just like you – those who are busy but who want to find ways to show their support in a productive way.  

If that’s you, click below to sign at least one of the petitions to show your support for the release of one of Nigeria’s most beloved and powerful social activists, Sunday Igboho. 

Could it be that one day, it may be your father, brother, husband OR sister, mother, wife who is standing up for those who cannot stand up for themselves? What should their fate be for being courageous? We need your help to free Sunday Igboho.

We are fighting for basic human rights. Will you help us?